Why can’t we let it go

Let it goooo, can’t hold it back anymore!!!!!!! – Elsa.

I cannot help it. Every time I hear the combination of words “let it go” it is inevitable that this song plays in my head. Repeatedly.

This morning I had a conversation with my mom where I said we should get rid of the third line on our family plan since there’s only two of us. Her response, “We can’t get rid of the third line! What am I going to use to call my phone when I lose it?!”

And though this makes some sense, I still find it funny that we have trouble letting go of things in our possession even if they no longer have value or use to us. This is known in the psychology world as endowment effect where we give more value to items that we own. For example, people tend to pay more to keep an item they have rather than to gain something new (even if both items are the same thing.) In a research experiment by Dan Ariely, it was found that when participants were giving sporting event tickets, the price they were willing to sell the tickets for was FOURTEEN TIMES higher than the price they were willing to purchase the tickets for. Humans, such logical beings.

These possessions carry through to all things in our lives. We hold on to relationships with thoughts that things will be different and fail to move on completely. Though it is true that there is a chance that things will change, we all know, this chance is very small. The sooner you accept things for what they are, the sooner life can open your eyes to new horizons. Life has extended an arm out to you in an attempt to take you on a magic carpet ride, will you take it? Carpe diem.


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