Words hurt

Today I came across a story that really struck home with me. I am a stubborn person so I find myself in heated discussions over things that are infinitesimal. What’s more important, being right or being happy?

“One night my mom made dinner after a long and stressful day at work. She Placed a jar of jam and extremely burnt toast in front of my dad. I was waiting to see if dad noticed the burnt toast. But he just ate it and asked me how my day was. I don’t remember my answer but at this moment my mom apologized for the burnt toast. My dad responded ‘Honey, I love burnt toast!’ Later when I went to bed I asked my dad if he really does love burnt toast. He wrapped me in his arms and whispered: ‘your mom had a long and tough day and she was really tired. Burnt toast doesn’t hurt anyone but words do.’”

We are all social beings that walk this world together. Be empathetic and always be able to put yourself in another person’s shoes before speaking. Someone else’s reality might be your nightmare and your reality may be someone’s end goal, so always be considerate.

Fun Fact: Children between the age of 3-5 year old are often unable to put themselves in someone else’s shoes. Around 5 year old, something happens and you suddenly understand the idea.

For example, if you give them this scenario: Jim has a sandwich, he puts it on the table. He leaves to grab a juice and while he is grabbing a juice, the sandwich drops on the floor. Tom comes into the picture by the table and is eating a sandwich. When Jim comes back, which sandwich will he believe is his?

5 year old are able to process that Jim would likely accuse Tom of taking his sandwich but 3 year old believe that everyone in the world knows exactly what they know and they respond that Jim will believe that the sandwich on the floor is his. So you’ve had this ability to put yourself in another’s shoes since you were 5, don’t be a 3 year old again.



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