If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

There are certain things in life that you just assume to be advanced in technology. For example, when you think of a space shuttle, your mind crafts and stitches images from Star Trek, Star Wars or may even Wall-E. Space exploration started in the 60s and yet, until just recently, not much about it has changed. I was reading a book on Space X and most people within the space exploration industry did not build their own space crafts. Every one bought their multi million dollar space crafts from the same place in Russia which had been building the same space craft over and over without bothering to innovate since there was no necessity. It wasn’t broke, so why fix it or make it better? Elon Musk explained how it was almost a joke when you see the command center of a space craft because it looks like you were actually traveling back to 1960. Duck Dodgers in the 24th and a half century had a space ship that was more advanced. And that show came out in the 50s. Since Elon Musk couldn’t afford to buy these overpriced space shuttles, his only option was to overwork his employees and put Mr. Pinkman’s philosophy to work, “science, bitches.” They almost bankrupted themselves multiple times but they have pushed through and progressed the space industry in so many ways and still continue to do so.

Elon Musk is no normal person and the pace at which he works is light years ahead of us in distance and speed. (I heard he pees fast too.) However, This really made me think about how we are as people. Most of us take what is given and do exactly as we’re told without wanting to disrupt the status quo. We work at the same place and do the same thing over and over without ever seeking to create a more effective way of doing it. I would say government employees are, by reputation, the biggest culprits of this. In their minds, it doesn’t matter if they work faster, smarter, better or more efficient because they’re not going to get paid more or recognized for that effort. In real estate we have a term called “highest and best use” where the due diligence pertaining to the real estate such as location, zoning, type of property, is done to find if there is an even better use for the building. This should be something we apply to all facets of our life.

Two days ago I helped my mom switch her phone to my old phone which is at least 4 times faster. I helped her download all the apps she already had (34 of them) but one thing I couldn’t do was know her login and passwords. She griped and moaned about how much trouble this is and how it isn’t worth it. All. she. had. to. do. was. figure. out. her. login. and. passwords. This morning, she finally thanked me and said this is amazing, I can’t believe how slow my phone used to be. I say this because we continue to do things the same way even though there’s a chance something SIGNIFICANTLY better is out there. Why not train our minds to be constantly on the look out for new methods? We can significantly improve our own lives, lives of others and possibly even discover something amazing in the process. I mean, has anyone here ever watched the TV show Shark Tank and thought “I could’ve thought of that idea!” Because seriously, I have that thought all the damn time.

Do you know the origin of Basketball? It started with a fruit basket and a ball. The regulation height was completely random and turned out to be perfect because it allowed for dunks, which are dunking exciting. Now one thing you may not have known is that for a whole decade, the basket did not have an opening in the bottom. Every time a shot was made, the game would stop, someone would grab a ladder and retrieve the ball. For TEN YEARS they didn’t figure out that if they cut a hole at the bottom then the ball would fall through. People often feel like there is nothing new to be discovered, however, most people are not trying to discover new ways to better utilize what we already have. So If it ain’t broke, break it and fix it to be better than ever.




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