You are my soul mate

Today I watched a movie called The Lobster. It was a satire on the idea of relationships and dating and I highly recommend it. I asked my friend what message she got from the movie and she said, “You can’t trust anyone,” these were her exact words. I got a completely different message but to each their own. In the movie, two people can only date if they find that they have something in common which seems to fit our society of how we should not love someone for reasons that are indescribable. When we find someone that we jive with, others will pick and ask, why are you with that person? They’re so different from you. In the movie, two characters fall in love but once they no longer have that commonality, they are no longer allowed in the society to be partners.

In the end of the day I can only say one thing. We spend a lot of time looking for the perfect love instead of creating it. How is it possible that so many arranged marriages work out so well yet so many marriages that were not arranged, end up in divorce? We should put more effort into what we already have and know that we will never find the perfect person, but we will find great people and we are the designers of our own reality and we can create the perfect relationship with these people if that is what we desire. People are social creatures and were not made to walk this world alone. One of my favorite movie quotes was from the society of loaners in the movie, “We dance alone here, so we only listen to electronic music.” Get out there and make your own kind of music, (anything but electronic.)




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