Good Feelings

Many people define their memories on chapters in their lives that are either beginnings or endings of events in their lives. The problem with this is that most of our most pivotal memories would be made by the time we hit three decades of living. Graduation. Falling in Love. Finding a job. Getting married. Having Kids. I am not taking away from this because these are pretty defining moments. However, life consists of so many more small moments that are fleeting and we don’t bother to store in our memories. For the next 10 minutes or so, I am going to sit here and just type out memories of happiness that come to my mind varying in timeline from my birth until now. Let’s see if we walked any of the same roads of joy.

  • Saturday morning cartoons
  • When mom gives you a dollar to buy hot cheetos
  • Eating said cheetos
  • Pizza day at school, because, come on, pizza
  • getting to school to talk about what happened on a TV show last night
  • Saying JINX or DOUBLE JINX before the other person
  • Remembering to wear green on saint patrick’s day and seeing your pinch victims
  • Opening your fridge and discovering that there was one more of something you thought you were out of.
  • Sudden epiphanies on a technical question you have been working on for a while
  • Asking someone out on a first date… and getting a yes
  • graduating, high school, college, university, grad school, doctorates
  • the aromatic scents wafting out of restaurants as you walk by. BBQ. Bakeries.
  • The smell of bonfires in the summer time
  • going home and seeing a package for you
  • When you see the guy/girl that you really like
  • Walking off the plane and into a new country
  • Buying alcohol, “legally,” for the first time. Even though you had already been drinking for the past 3 years of your life.
  • When you remember the name of that one character in that one show without having to Google it
  • Releasing a pee after holding it for hours
  • The smell of something that takes you back to your childhood
  • That ONE motivational quote (out of the millions you read) that was exactly what you needed to get you back on your feet
  • Being naked in your house when nobody is home… And dancing to your favorite song of the moment, while naked
  • Sleeping in your own bed after a long excursion elsewhere
  • Taking a shower after a long trip
  • Realizing that everything in this world was created by someone that is no smarter than you and you have the full potential to be whatever you want to be. Seriously, you can do whatever you want but you must have the passion, perseverance and grit to make it happen. You can have a life by design.

“Nothing in life that is worth having comes easy.” -unknown



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