You’re late

“You are either early or you are late” -unknown

Whenever I have appointments in clients, I arrive so early that some doctors would call it premature. Hey, stop laughing, it’s a condition I have OK? Why do I do this? In sports, 63% of the time the home court advantage wins. This has been proven time and time again that they even have a term for it called home court advantage. Most of my meetings, however, are at the clients home so showing up early gives me an advantage. It creates a rift in the timeline they were prepared for and now the ball is in my court. When you don’t have the option to set an appointment in your “home court,” then arrive early.

Time is valuable, respect other’s time as you respect your own. If you say you will do something at a certain time, do it! People respect a person who does what he says he is going to do. There is no such thing as on time, there is only early or late. So which one are you?



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