Why do I read?

“In this world you are either growing or you are dying so get in motion and grow.” -Lou Holtz

After I graduated from University, I realized that my day to day tasks were repetitive and I was learning very little. I would be so tired after work that Netflix and chill was practiced every day. Chill as in watch Netflix until I fall asleep. It was depressing.

So I decided I would hold myself accountable for learning one new thing every day. The way I decided to do that? Reading. There is someone out there who has devoted their entire life to and idea or subject and a vast amount of this knowledge can be attained through a book. Why wouldn’t you read?

If you want to learn to do something. Go do it, it is the best way to learn. Do not wait for complete knowledge before taking action. Windows releases new operating systems all the time. A new operating system means that the last version was not perfect. However, it was good enough. If they had waited until everything was perfect, they would still be waiting. Spend time with amazing people who have similar beliefs, hopes, dreams, aspirations and positive attitudes that can uplift you and give you strength to push past obstacles as well as continue to move forward and upward.


Make a PLAN… DO the plan… REVIEW the results then make a better plan, do the better plan, review the results and repeat forever.



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