That’s what you’re worried about?

“You can tell the size of a man by the size of the problem that gets him down.” -Eric Worre

Today is my coworker’s birthday. Outside: he’s estatic, inside: something else is brewing. When we talked, he opened up to me saying that his birthday really made him reflect on his own life. He is recently divorced and though he knows this is the right path, the thinking is making him a bit depressed. He said, “She’s dating another man now and I’m just thinking, that man in in my house, boning my ex wife and who knows what he’s teaching my children.”

The world is full of problems that will bring you to your knees and keep you there if you don’t have the will to push past it and move on. Eyesight and mindsight. Eyesight is judging on what you see, judging according to appearances. Mindsight is how you interpret what you see. Though not all problems are equal in magnitude, your perception of it is fully controlled.

When you feel depressed, ask yourself, is this the size of me? No. Pick yourself up and get moving again. You can stay home. You can become bitter. You can become cynical. You can sit at home and watch reruns of Friends. You can just give up.


You can keep on going, keep on working. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and do not ever put the blame on others. You control your own fate. You will make mistakes so learn to forgive yourself quickly and figure out how to fix the problem rather then dwell on it. Do not confuse your results with who you are. Just because you fail, it does not make you a failure. Do what you can with what you have, know you did your best and never be satisfied. Live your life.




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