World’s Saddest Story

One of my favorite authors, Ernest Hemingway, was known for his concise writing. He was once challenged to write a story in 6 words. Not only did he write a story, he wrote an impactful and sad short story.

“For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never Worn” – Ernest Hemingway

Yesterday I found out my friend’s father passed away. It was unexpected and sudden. It was only two weeks ago that we were all together and now, he’s gone. Having gone through the experience of losing a loved one, one good thing I can say about death is that it brings clarity and appreciation for the things you have.You start appreciating friends and loved ones more. You start seeing events as opportunities and not obligations. You realize that the end of someone else’s life is not the end of yours. Your story continues on and you still have a chance to leave a legacy. A wise man once asked the audience where the wealthiest place in the world is and people responded with U.S.A, China, Luxemburg and the speaker said no to all of them. The wealthiest place in the world is in the graveyard. It is where untapped potential, unwritten books, unpainted masterpieces, all the potential that was never realized, exists and died.The old adage is repetitive and annoying but true, time is limited. Chase your dreams.

Pair of old tiny baby shoes. Black and white with copyspace.



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