Why can’t I wake up?

Sleep. That’s why you can’t get up. But here’s a thought. Do you have something you are working towards or are you just working aimlessly?

“Some people rest to renew their reserves and others rest to avoid starting their day.”

So which one are you? Remember when you were younger and you knew it was Christmas the next day  or you were going to Disneyland the next day, when your eyes opened, you were up and ready. You need to be excited about a goal whether it’s a fitness goal, a financial goal, professional goal, personal goal, it doesn’t matter. When you are working towards something, suddenly others will see you like you are super human. You wake up at 4am before the alarm sounds. You start doing things you used to believe were not possible. Humans are the only species that do not do things to their full potential.

If you can see it, then you will believe it.


If you believe it, then you will see it.




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