Socially Acceptable

When I refer to my mannerisms,  my friend will turn to me and say “Well, that’s because you’re an extrovert.” I think it’s interesting that there is such a divide between the definition of introvert and extrovert as if they were opposites. When I look around, society seems to favor extroverts over introvert. There is a positive inclination towards The Man of Action when compared with the man of contemplation. But are extroverts that much more different than introverts?

We tend to assume that extroverts to get all their energy from being around people and introverts get more energy from being alone. However, doesn’t it make sense to say that the reason introverts are introverts is because they get significantly more stimulation from being around people making them overwhelmed with people? Isn’t it possible they are hypersensitive to being social? We believe that introverts are stuck in their own head but research has shown that they are more susceptible to being  affected by the environment around them. Extroverts have a nervous system that tends to react less to their environment, so they go out of their way to seek artificial stimulation and get energized. In a way, Introverts already experience what extroverts have and do not need to be “extroverted.”



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