How do you do that?

It’s Tuesday, 6:20pm. I am in the office. Electro swing music emanates from my laptop. My coworker and I are the only ones left and we are talking about dancing. She says, I have no rhythm and can’t dance. My first response was, “everyone can dance! Just subjective whether or not you are good.” She then says, no, you don’t understand, I can’t dance, I have no rhythm, I can’t move to beats. I wasn’t sure what she meant so we sat side by side and I asked her to identify the underlying bass that is playing in the song. She couldn’t do it. Even when I broke it down for her in 1,2,3,4… she said she couldn’t hear it. Now, she doesn’t have a hearing problem and this made me realize something. I’m not particularly musically inclined but I did grow up playing piano. Though I couldn’t believe that she was deaf to the beats, I realized that the reality is, out in this huge world, there are millions of people more talented than me. If I were to say that I can nott identify a note, they would probably think: “How is it possible you cannot tell that this is a C note? and this is an E note? This is a G note? It’s so obvious! What are you hearing?”

There are many things in life we disregard once we have gotten better at them. I have often heard employees say “What are those salespeople doing? They spend all their time out at lunches and talking on the phone. Why do we pay them?” We accountants, we engineers, we etc should be the ones that make the money. Though every member of a company is important, what they don’t realize that it takes a lot of skill to make something hard, seem easy. And on the other hand, sometimes we do something for so long, we become extremely talented individuals and forget what it’s like to be a novice and take the perspective of someone just starting out. It’s very important to never stay stagnant and to always improve yourself daily. The more you grow, the more opportunities there will be and the better you will be as a person. Others may look at you and tell you to get a life, but they are just displacing their unhappiness for their own lack of growth. Don’t listen to the nay sayers.

'Will you shut up, Sims?  I'm busy trying to upgrade my interpersonal skills.'





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