How do you spend your hours

Growing up, my mother was very judgmental and uninvited-ly involved with all my decisions and actions. When I hung out with friends she would ask me what do they do? What good are they for you? Why are you wasting your time with them? What’s their value? If they’re just in your life for fun, stop spending time with them. This always used to annoy me. Despite how I used to feel about this, she did have a point. Choosing how you spend your time and who you spend your time with is a very important decision. Time is very limited.

Today I visited with some residential home developers in Covina at an office that had some familiar memories to me. In the past, I had been to this building but a different office. This 13 story office building at 100 N. Barranca St. is one that I had gone to with my dad when he was alive. Near the end of his cancerous life, he had gotten a call for potential business and opportunities to work with Chinese investors and overseas investors. My father only wanted what was best for me and told me we should go meet with them since I was looking to take off in the business and this could help. Though he meant well, he did not do his due diligence and it turns out we were just meeting with another bozo from a multi level marketing office trying to recruit more people to work under them. They had no connections to anyone. My dad was furious. He had cancer and knew his time was limited The last thing he wanted to do was spend his last few weeks with people that were of no value to him. He yelled at them for such distaste in luring him in and we left.

It was a deceptive move, but it takes two to be deceived. I didn’t feel anger for those individuals, but it really allowed me to see how valuable time was. People often ask the question, if you were going to die tomorrow, would you do what you are doing today? I do believe this question is, overall, pretty ignorant because we do things to make a living and if we’re not going to be living, our priorities are of course different. We don’t have the liberty to just do whatever we want in life. Don’t get me wrong, some people have found a calling in life that they feel achieves a higher purpose and they will work at it until they do but the majority of us will say No, we would not continue doing what we are currently doing. Responsibility is no longer a concern at that point.

Nowadays I agree with my mother. I guess mothers do know best. Time is very limited, do not waste it on things or people that are unimportant or not going to have a role in your life. The important people will always be around and support you in your goals and endeavors regardless of what happens. You have one life to live, spend it wisely. Otherwise, Before you know it, you’ll open your eyes on your death bed, full of regrets.

“It’s not the hours you put into your work that counts, it’s the work you put into those hours.” – Sam Ewing



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