Life in pieces

Yesterday I was asked during an interview, “How much time do you spend on the internet and social media?” Whenever I put deep thought into this question, I realize the answer is always, too much.

To a very extreme degree, we are all addicted to looking at social media and other items on the internet. Not only that, but what we are looking at is not only useless, but terrible content. We read stories about what the Kardashians are doing, what your friend on Facebook just ate, who just dropped the n-word, another cute cat photo. Well, ok the last one is awesome, but the rest, not so much . Imagine, if all the Facebook stories that you were looking at and all the random celebrity stories, and everything else was put into a book, would you read it? No. In fact, it would be the worst book ever. We have all these opportunities to read novels and amazing research stories that people have dedicated her life to. Instead, we pump our time into this quick fix drug of social media for a little bit of entertainment that has no value and will reap no benefits. Go dark, read a book. Stop cycling through those same 4 websites and apps like a drug addict.




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