What is my value?

What am I worth? Everyone goes through situations where they feel like they have little value to offer to others. The fact is, there is no possibility that I know every single fact that you know and you do not know everything that I know. Whether it’s facts related to our mainstream subjects such as math, science, history, literature, etc. Cultural facts gathered from a lifetime of exposure. Wisdom that comes from experiencing situations that books cannot begin to grasp. Character from a lifetime of learning what’s right and what’s wrong. We are all so different and have something to offer to each other. I say this again and again but I always feel every single person potentially has something to offer me of value, if I’m willing to listen. Even the homeless man on the street corner knows something that could open your mind to a new world of possibilities and perspective. One of my old bosses used to send out texts to all 150 employees, every… single… day… At 6AM, a blinking light would come on my phone and I would see these words of motivation or words of wisdom. One day I asked him why he takes the time to do that when it’s likely most people will not read it because it is not relevant to them? He told me this. “Tim, every person is going through a different time in their life and I know the relevance of what I send does not apply to everyone. However, if one person that day, that week, that month,  that year- If one person gets something from it, then I will have made an impact that could lead to a breakthrough or an eventual change. And that makes it worth it.” This is a person that was focused not only on his business but on the development of others because he understands that if he brings other people up, it will inadvertently help his business.

“Never try and be better than someone else. Always learn from others. Compete only with yourself. Be the best you can be because that is under your control. If you get too involved with things that you have no control over then it will have an adverse affect on things which you do have control. ” -John Wooden



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