Food for Thought

“Oh, no no no. Don’t eat Chinese food here [in Los Angeles,] The Chinese food will kill you! If I really want good Chinese food, I go to Mexico!” -Random Mexican lady talking to random black man

This is a conversation I overheard at 24 hour fitness. At first I thought it was such a cultural failure and wanted to respond with “Lady, there’s this place where you can get the best carne asada, it’s in China town! The secret to a proper carne asade is that it must be made in a wok!” But I refranied. But this really got me to thinking. Isn’t it crazy how globalized we are as a nation that Chinese food in Mexico is now seen as something that is normal There was a time when “ethnic foods” were only eaten by people of that ethnicity. Not only that, those ethnic foods weren’t available to the general public. There was no 99 ranch market, no Cardenas, no Hoa Binh, no Seafood City. In fact, Did you know just 100 years ago, a common present given to each other by people in New York was an orange? This gift was exotic because it came all the way from Florida. Now you can get THE BEST Chinese food in Mexico, you can get pho in Germany. (I have personally verified this on my last trip to Germany. Also, pretty bomb.) You can get KFC in Japan. Did you kno that in Japan, there is a tradition of getting KFC on Christmas? It’s so popular, you have to make a reservation in advance to be able to get a meal. Kurisumasu ni wa Kentakki!!!!! aka, Kentucky for Christmas! The world merging into a huge melting pot. Options are everywhere! But with this increase in options, comes a decrease in health.

Webster’s dictionary defines Food -(Noun) any nutritious substance that people or animals eat or drink, or that plants absorb, in order to maintain life and growth. In this sense, with all the processed foods and toxic repercussions, is much of what we eat really food? According to the dictionary, the answer would be no because food is something that “maintain’s life and growth” whereas what we put in our bodies nowadays are definitely driving us towards an early grave. Education won’t do much because we are a slave to our own genes. Our bodies are geared towards survival in the wild where we are not so readily susceptible to sugars and fats. Back in te day, when we had the opportunity to consume sugars and fats, we would eat as much of it in order to survive. Our bodies made it taste delicious so we can intake as much of these scarce resource as possible. Nowadays, one soda contains as much sugar as we used to eat in a week. Just some food for thought



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