The underappreciated skill of networking.

Yesterday I had a conversation where someone said, “I heard all Donald Trump does is talk on the phone all day.” And the underlying tone was that he wastes his time and is an insufficient president. And although this may be true and keeping any personal judgement about Donald Trump aside, I thought this statement was very interesting because I had the opposite reaction to the idea. I feel that most successful and powerful people, are first class networkers. They got to where they are because of their levels of connection which boosted their social and professional potential to another level. Dwindling 6 degrees of separation down to 5 to 4… How many times have you heard or felt the following way, “That person doesn’t deserve that position and he’s only there because he knows xxx.” If he was able to connect with the right person, why doesn’t he deserve it? Networking seems to be a down played skill. People focus on acquiring knowledge, using their time to grind and little to nothing on networking. Like they say, your network is your net worth, get out and meet some people and add value to their life and they will want to help you in the future. Who knows, maybe one day someone will talk trash about you behind your back and you’ll snicker and laugh at their puny network.



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