Know yourself to know others

Only when you know and understand yourself can you begin to do things that would be more beneficial. Do you know your personality type? If not, you should go find out. Why is this important? It allows you to know what your strengths are and where you can best utilize your time. More importantly it shows you your weaknesses and places where it might be constructive to outsource tasks.

Next, once you understand yourself, you can control yourself and dedicate time into understanding another person. People are complex and sadly there is no singular answer that applies to every person.


What Makes a good Leader?

  • Self awareness – ability to recognize moods emotions and drives and how it impacts others – if you’re self aware you’ll have self deprecating humor. You’ll have greater self confidence. You’ll have a realistic view of yourself.
  • Self regulation – ability to control or redirect impulses and moods. To control your emotions and think before acting. If you’re strong in this you’ll display trustworthiness and integrity because you’re not all over the map. You’ll also be more comfortable with uncertainty and open to change.
  • Motivation – A passion to work for reason beyond money and status. Goals and persistence. The following qualities will show, strong drive to achieve, optimistic in the face of failure and you’ll have a strong organizational commitment.
  • Empathy – Being able to understand emotions of others and treating others emotions accordingly. You’ll be very service oriented with your clients and customers. You’ll have very strong cross cultural sensitivity. And you’ll be an expert in building and retaining talent.
  • Social Skills – Building relationships, networks and rapport with people. If you have social skills, you are an expert in building and leading teams and in persuasiveness.

Know your own personality and traits so you know where you excel and where you need improvement on.



2 thoughts on “Know yourself to know others

  1. do you think leadership is a skill that can be learned or are some people just born as leaders while others are followers? I tend to think it’s the latter


    1. I love it! I feel that both play a factor. You can be naturally inclined to have the personality traits that people would consider “leadership material” such as being more extroverted or a good communicator, but I also feel that all skills can be learned. In Good to Great by Jim Collins, he does a tremendous amount of research and finds that a good majority of the top executives that broke barriers in companies, bringing them from good to GREAT, were the ones who were introverted and focused on building the business itself. Now these are not the traits people would call leadership skills but the general public would call them great leaders. I think there’s a lot of facets to being a great leader as well as different situations where leadership may be a little differing in what’s needed. I think it’s important to know your natural giftedness and use it to your advantage as opposed to saying “I’m not a good leader because I don’t have such and such…” Instead say “Wow, I’m really good at _____ so this will help me do ______.”


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