I appreciate you…

I have two partners in work, but really, they’re my superiors and my mentors. Both are named Kevin, they are the complete opposite of each other yet both are very successful. The differences in their techniques go to show that it doesn’t matter what your personality type is, you just need to find your style that corresponds with it.

We went on an appointment today to meet a contractor who specializes in structural engineering for buildings and my partner’s time is extremely valuable and I know he values his own time; however, before the meeting, during the meeting and after the meeting, Kevin said something that I was surprised to hear: “I really appreciate you… coming out to meet me because…” He made the contractor feel important and it reminds me that a small word of appreciation and go a long way with others. In the book The Five Love Languages, one of the ways in which people receive and give love is through words of affirmation. Although it may not appeal to everyone, it is easy to say something kind and these small words can potentially benefit you. My guess is that this engineer will hold my partner in a positive light when it comes time to give him the quote for the job.

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